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"Brian comes highly recommended. With a busy work schedule in law enforcement and a family I don't have a lot of free time. When I want to catch fish and have a great time I can count on Brian. He always seems to get me on the fish no matter what we're chasing. He is hands on and very knowledgeable. I always learn a lot when I'm on the water with him and have a memorable experience. So if you want to catch fish, learn a lot and have a great time give Brian a call."
Mike Robertson
"WOW what a beautiful day on the Feather river. Although I have quite a bit of fly fishing experience I had never targeted Steel head before and found out quickly that this was a different ball game from anything that I had done prior. Brian was able rig me up and teach me everything on the subject from rigging, leaders, strike indicators, fly selection, reading the water, fish behavior/biology, where and how to cast, hook setting, fighting/landing, laws/regulations, local history, and dozens of other things."
"WE WERE ON FISH ALL DAY! I actually got my fill of fishing for once. Brian is an excellent boat captain and has great people skills – he was very respectful, helpful and attentive during the entire trip. The food was great and the fish were gorgeous, Brian emailed me many beautiful photos to memorialize out trip. This was an unbelievable value! Thanks Brian, I am recommending you to all my friends."
John Hooper
"THIS GUIDE IS THE BEST!! Two of us recently did a steelhead float trip on the Feather River with Brian. I am a relative novice at fly fishing but still hooked into six steelhead. All told we hooked into 20-25 steelhead in an eight hour day of fishing. The overwhelming success of this trip can be directly attributed to Brian's expertise.  His knowledge of the river and overall approach to steelhead fishing is the best I have ever experienced. He is extraordinarily patient (knots you know) and an exceptional teacher---willing to correct technique over and over to assure fishing success---AKA one "do it this way" and ten "don't do it that way"."
Patrick Minyard
"I'm relatively new to the area, and I have enough experience to know what I don't know. When I was looking for a guide to show me the ropes around here, everyone told me that Brian was the man.  Boy, were they right. They were  absolutely right. Not only did he take me out for a great day stalking stripers on the American, but he clued me in to some great waters(large and small) and techniques for trout, my primary prey. I've been lucky enough to fish from the U. K. to New Zealand, and have had some great guides, but I've never had one more knowledgeable, helpful, and downright friendly than Brian. He will absolutely get you into fish, but he will also be sure you take away information and skill that will make you more effective when you are out there on your own. I can't wait to call Brian for steelies in the fall. I plan to be a regular."
Joe Childers
"As a newcomer to the sport of fly-fishing, I researched long hours before selecting my fly guide for my first trip and lesson. And to say that I was not disappointed is an understatement. Brian has a true gift when it comes to his knowledge and instruction of fly fishing. I literally started out not knowing the first thing about this style of fishing. Brian was very patient and motivated to get me out on the river to hook my first fish. I chose a walk and wade for my first outing and I had a blast. Brian made my lack of skill less intimidating and even threw in some humor for no extra charge :) Brian even went above and beyond with assisting me in purchasing the correct waders and boots for my first trip, personally meeting me at a fly shop to assist me prior to me getting out on the river. I ended up landing five Steelhead and was in awe of what Brian was able to help me accomplish in such a short time. I would recommend Brian's services to anyone and everyone I know. He was extremely patient with my lack of knowledge and was able to get me out on the river to actually hook something for the first time in my life. Thank you so much Brian! Looking forward to more trips to come."
Jen Silvas
"I have fished with several knowledgeable and experience fly fishing guides all over the Western States in search of Steelhead and Trout. Brian is as good or better than all of the other guides that I have fished with. He has all the qualities that you would want in a guide. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and most of all, he is a "teacher" on the water. You can not help but become a better fisherman after a day fishing with Brian."
"When I booked a trip with Brian, I brought along my inexperienced teenage cousin hoping that a guided trip would really help teach him the basics of fly fishing. As for me, I have been fly fishing for many years and really didn't expect to learn anything new. Brian not only helped my cousin to his best day of fly fishing ever with several fish to the net including a big 23" wild Brown trout, he taught me more than I would have ever imagined. So no matter what your level of fly fishing is, Brian will be a huge help."
"In addition to his fly fishing expertise, Brian is just a really great guy. He is very friendly and you will feel very comfortable with him. After fishing the day with Brian, my cousin and I count Brian as one of our friends."
Craig Tucker
"Having grown up fishing on the Eastern Side of the Sierras, moving to the Sacramento region really took a toll on my time spent fishing. There were no longer any fishable bodies of water within a stones throw of my house and my lack of transportation didn't help much either. To top it all off, my knowledge of the surrounding area was slim to none. It wasn't until I started fishing with Brian that I really began to learn of the plethora of fishing options available within a few hours drive. His knowledge of the surrounding rivers and their ecosystems has really come into play while we are out on the water. High flows or low flows, winter or summer, Brian has the experience on the river to know where the fish are holding. What I like best about fishing with Brian is that he is mindful of your skill set while fishing. Having some experience myself, I never feel like Brian is walking me through the day or “babying” me, but rather he's always there to lend a helping hand, give some helpful pointers when needed, and he's always first rate on the net job. Even if you are new to fly fishing I would recommend Brian, he is a great teacher. I have seen him with clients that are just starting out and his patience is second to none. He points out where fish are holding and why and the best way to approach those areas. He demonstrates the proper techniques for casting, mending and drifting and when the fight is on, he does a great job of directing the fisherman so the fish stays on all the way through to the picture."
"At first just a fishing buddy and now a friend, I look forward to every outing with Brian. Even in the rare times the river isn't producing all too well, I know that I will have a great time just shootin' the breeze. Brian's passion and drive for fly fishing is beyond that of most fisherman and his care of the ecosystem and the fish that swim within are what I feel qualifies him above the rest. As a guide, I couldn't think of any person better suited for the job than Brian Clemens."
Jon Vento
"I am writing this letter to let everyone know what an awesome guide and friend Brian is. I first met Brian when we worked together a few years back, we chatted about fishing one day at work and a few days later we were on the American River fishing for Salmon and after that a great friendship was started. I recently had the opportunity to go fly fishing with Brian, and what a great guy and guide. Not only is he a very knowledgeable guide but also very patient, and he has the highest respect for our wildlife. I can remember one time on the Little Truckee River, I was having a very off day and kept getting tangled, hooked and snagged on everything in sight and even on things that were out of sight. A lot of people would have been very frustrated and upset that I lost as many flies and set ups as I did that day, but Brian just kept laughing and saying, "Boy rookie when are you going to learn"? Then he would retie the fly setup and show me what I was doing wrong. Not a lot of guides have that kind of patients for "Rookies". I HIGHLY recommend Brian to everyone who asks of places to go or of a guide that can take them somewhere epic. Brian is a guide that no matter what your skill level is, he can always get you on fish."
William (Chip) Jennings
"I have known and fished with Brian for the past 6 months. As someone that is new to fly fishing it is always enjoyable to fish with someone with Brian's skill and knowledge. Not only does he know some great spots to fish, he is also always willing to help and is very patient while teaching me new and better techniques. A day on the water with him is always enjoyable and usually involves quite a few fish too."
Alastair Rimmer
"I picked up my first fly rod March 2009 and started chasing steelhead and rainbow trout in the Sierra Valley. I fished for 8 months straight and only hooked one fish. Late Fall 2009, while fishing a local river, I met Brian and I am glad I did. He took time out of his fishing day to help me with my fly fishing fundamentals. With just a few easy instructions I was mending, casting, dead drifting and fighting fish better than ever. I couldn't believe that only a few minutes with Brian on the water, my skills improved greatly. I have fished with Brian on several occasions and no matter where we go he can always put me on fish. He is someone with a great personality, an oustanding individual and a guide that I would recommend to anyone. Since fishing with Brian, I can go out to any local river with confidence, read the water, find the fish and hook them too!"
Paul Watts
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