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I was but a mere lad, some forty plus years ago, as I marched downstream from our camp site, 10-foot, 6-weight bamboo fly rod in tow.  Tied to the end of my leader was a size 14, grey hackle yellow (my father’s favorite).  I found my spot, surveyed the water and let fly my first ever cast with a fly rod.  Much to my amazement, the fly landed softly on the water in the general proximity of my desired location.  It wasn’t but a moment later that the water exploded and my line went tight.

I would like nothing more than to continue this story by documenting my tense battle with a 7-pound brown trout.  However, that wasn’t the case.  In fact, the fish in question was a 6-inch rainbow.  But the size didn’t matter to me.   I was happy, excited and proud.  In short, I was hooked (pun intended).  Thus began my life-long passion with fly fishing.

Throwing dries to small trout in sierra streams still occupies a special place in my heart but it’s the pursuit of their much larger cousins (steelhead) that really gets my heart pumping.  And having the opportunity to pass along my passion and knowledge to others, so that they too can experience the thrill that only fly fishing can provide, confirms my life on the water has come full circle.

While I have fished many of the fabled waters throughout the West, it’s the rivers and creeks of Northern California that I’ve always called home and still do.

The majority of my guiding days takes place in the Sacramento Valley on the American and Feather Rivers.  We have the unique opportunity here to target steelhead virtually every month of the year.  When the steelhead aren’t in, you can find me working the waters of the Yuba River and Alpine County in the Sierra’s for trout or on the Feather River for Chinook Salmon or even the American River for Stripers and Shad.  Bottom line – I follow the fish.

My approach to guiding mimics that of my approach to life – have fun, be safe and hopefully learn something along the way.  And while I love to put a client on the fish of a lifetime, nothing gives me more joy than helping someone become more proficient at fly fishing.  From improving your casting stroke and reading the water to perfecting your presentation and landing that monster fish.  Assisting you in becoming a better fly fisherman will undoubtedly enhance your enjoyment of this truly magical sport.  And that will put a smile on both our faces.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity of fishing with you soon.


Tom Peirano
License # 11715

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