Fly Fishing the Trinity River can be tough and extremely challenging, however, having a professional and knowledgeable Trinity River Fly Fishing Guide, will not only make for an enjoyable day on the river, but also an unforgettable journey down one of the best steelhead rivers in the state.

     The Trinity River is the longest tributary of the Klamath River system at 120+ miles, stretching from Lewiston Dam down to the confluence with the Klamath at Weitchpec. It’s also one of the of the most pristine and scenic river systems in California, and is world famous for its large steelhead runs. Our Trinity River Fly Fishing Guides guide on the upper stretches of the Trinity River, starting at the dam in the Fly Only water down to Burnt Ranch. Our Trinity River Fly Fishing Guides have many access points along the river and have many float options depending on where the fish are and what techniques we may be using. 

     If you are looking to fly fish for Steelhead, Salmon or huge Brown Trout, the Trinity River is the place. Our Trinity River Fly Fishing Guides not only know where the fish are, but they know how to get that tight line using all facets of fly fishing. Whether chasing them with traditional methods like swinging with two handed rods or indicator fishing with single handed rods, our guides have the knowledge and experience to teach on the water and put you on the fish, or just row you down and let you do your thing.

     The steelhead season on most Northern California Rivers, start early September and same goes for the Trinity River. Our Trinity River Fly Fishing Guides are on the river as early as August, and guide/fish it on through till April. The Trinity River is known for 3 runs of heart pounding steelhead action, 1) Late Summer/Early Fall, 2) Late Fall/Early Winter and 3) Late Winter/Spring.

     1) Late Summer/Early Fall- August-October starts out with some early season unbelievable numbers of 12-20” chrome bright half pounders with an occasional adult up to 10lbs. This is a great time of year for those just starting out, or those wanting to really put a bend in those light weight rods, as there is a lot of rod bending action. It’s also a great time to dust off those small 2 handed Switch/Spey rods and try out some surface/sub-surface swinging techniques, and to get ready for the up and coming steelhead season. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

     2) Late Fall/Early Winter- October-December starts out with the change of fall colors and then too many more bent rods. With and extremely large number of steelhead averaging 5-8lbs being well distributed throughout the river system, this is definitely the time to be on the Trinity. These fish are very receptive to a variety of fly fishing methods, however, personally I think this is the best time of year to swing up some sweet fish. So bring your medium sized 2 handed rods and be ready. Dont forget about the Egg Bite, end of October to mid November can be epic on this river when the salmon are spawning. This is our most desired and most popular time before the press of winter, so we strongly advise booking in advance.

     3) Late Winter/Spring- December-April this is a very sensitive time of year due to the weather, fishing it is really all up to Mother Nature. However, when the Trinity is not blown out, it can be outrageous, with some of the largest steelhead of the season, some up 15lbs. It is steelhead fishing at its finest and it’s full on steelhead weather, snow, rain, wind, cold temps, cold water and big fish, nothing better than that. Later in the season (Feb, Mar, April) you can catch Steelhead and Brown Trout on dry flies, yes I said dry flies. Mid-day hatches get these fish in a sipping frenzy and will leave the most experience steelheader in awe.

 If the conditions are not favorable, we will reschedule. Advanced booking is a great idea.

It doesn’t get any better than that folks. Whether its summer, fall, winter or spring, our Trinity River Fly Fishing Guides, know what it takes to not only find the fish, what flies to use, where to go, but what techniques can be used to make your rods have a bend in them all day long. Come join us on one of the finest steelhead rivers in the state, and enjoy some of the best steelheading on the west coast.


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